Hi-Way Meats
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 At Hi-Way Meat Market we take pride in our deer processing.

 Below you can see the products that we offer and number of items that you can choose from to make your deer processing enjoyable and hassle free.

 We offer a wide variety of deer processing services including: skinning, cutting, vacuum packing and freezing, curing, smoking, and processing of snack meats.
Bologna: This old fashioned Pa Dutch bologna is sure to please you and your family.
  This product will keep for 1-2 weeks in your refrigerator and may also be frozen

Sticks: We have 4 flavors to choose from Mild, Hot, Sweet and trail. You can add cheese to any of the flavors.
  This product is very popular especially with the children. Our deer sticks will keep in you refrigerator for up to 3 weeks and may also be frozen.

Ring Bologna: Flavors include Plain, Horseradish and cheese, Garlic and Plain with cheese.
This product will keep in your refrigerator for about 2 weeks and may also be frozen.

Trail Bologna with Cheese: This is our spicy bologna. This bologna has just enough spice without being too hot.

Jerky: We make jerky in our smokehouse NOT in an oven to give you the best jerky that you ever had.

Dried Venison: This product is much like dries beef. It can be sliced thin or left whole.

Sausage: Hi-way meats has all kinds of flavors to fill your needs. Also avaible in smoked sausage.

Chip Steak: Now you can have a steak sandwich using your own deer meat.

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